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True Life Of Buddha

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True Life of Buddha

In this Buddha Era, the Lord Buddha Phra Sri Ariyamettrai Phra Sakkayamunee reached her 10th life reincarnation; she recorded her Dharma records by herself from her first incarnation to tenth reincarnation through the book “True life of Buddha”.

Furthermore, a precious history’s record which contain secret of the world under Magadhi language, an extinct language, was leaving for all mankind to learn and study by themselves. On this website also provide stories and teachings for everyone to download and share.

May God bless everyone who visit this website.

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True Life of Buddha Vol01

The book of “True Life of Buddha” was recorded in Magadhi languange on 6th of October 2018, when the Buddha Phra Sakkayamunee went to India. She had written the story of her life in 8th reincarnation in Magadhi. language. This book was translated from Magadhi language to Sanskrit, then Thai and, lastly, English.

The real story of Buddha in the 8th incarnation was recorded in 383 scripts. Only 19 scripts have been translated for studies through the book “True Life of Buddha Vol.1”

World History

This book is a precious history's record which contain secret of the world under the unseen language.
Magadhi, an extinct language, that use in this book was written by the lord buddha in her 10th reincarnation.
Person who can read this will know all the history of the world. With insightful mind and deeply practicing in dharma will be easily understand the content of this book.

True Life of Buddha Vol02

History legend was written by descendent which only came from the evidences or story-telling that contain both reality and opinion of the writer. The knowledge of the beginning of Religions was recorded in many
studies for researchers. However, they could not know which studies are the true information.

This book, True Life of Buddha Vol02, is the 21st script which tell about the origin of human being and the beginning of Christianity



To pay respect to the Frunt God, the five viruses venerate the dharma with bowed head.

The five viruses existed in animals since the prophet came down to earth in his first incarnation (Bodhisattva). He transformed animals into humans. When the prophet saved mankind from sin, the viruses had remained in the Homo sapiens ever since. 

The 5 viruses did the first wipe-out of the planet. At that time, humans did all the bad deeds: lack virtues and kindness as well as practiced hannibalism. The prophet therefore announced to wipe out the planet. Viruses scattered in the air. Since humans and animals needed to breathe by using the air, they all fell ill
and died within 2 years. Only their spirits remained. And, the earth was uninhabited for 200,000 years. The prophet sacrificed a particle of his toe and made the first earthman named Adam who became the origin of the
second era of mankind. 

The second apocalypse occurred because humans killed each other only because of their different beliefs. Air underneath the world turned layers of water up and flooded all the land. Since humans live and die in rounds of rebirth, they only change their forms but their souls remain the same. The 5 viruses therefore remain in humans’ soul, waiting to do the duties.

At present, the prophet has announced the third apocalypse which also includes those of the first and the second. 

In this third apocalypse, humans face epidemic disease as a mean to wipe out humans. They also face natural disaster as a mean to clean up the land. However, the events will gradually occur. Lands where there are a lot of bad people will be washed away first. Good people will survive because their good deeds protect their lives and lands. 

Maming is a karma gate. Its jobs are to deconstruct physical bodies and disintegrate the souls of bad people. After the jobs are completed, Maming will become an angel or a follower of the Buddhist saint according to his performance. 

Humans who are extremely bad will have a red invisible mark on their brains. When Maming sees the red marks, it will suddenly do its jobs. Although such humans protect themselves well, without good deeds they will not be able to survive from karmas.

Maming and the 5 viruses shall exclude humans who follow the prophet’s dharma teachings. What do humans
who have dharma and good deeds protection look like?

– They are complete human body with virtues, filial piety and kindness. They consider correcting their own badness and impurity.
 They eradicate the kilesa from their minds. The major kilesa which is of animals include envy, greed, lust and passion.
– They hold the five precepts to prevent them from making new karmas.
– They practice meditation to maintain a state of emptiness of their minds.
– They release karmas from their souls. Merit makings bring ease and coolness while wrong-doings bring uneasiness/anxiety to the souls. 

Any humans who have the above qualities shall be able to save their lives and lands from the destructions. 

COVID 19 is one of the 5 viruses. It started its work in China because China was the first land that originated lives and Mahayan Buddhism. Italy was the land that the Holy Mary came to earth and Christianity
was originated. The virus therefore started its work from there and certainly will spread all over the

The 5 Viruses
The first virus called Barina brings the following symptoms: it attacks and eats up the lungs. Some people may die before the lungs are eaten up. The symptoms start with trouble breathing, cough, choke, colicky pain, vomit, fever, fatigue, muscle or body aches, loss of appetites, cannot make a fist due to selfhelplessness and then end up with death. 

The second virus was named Anurus. This virus attacks humans’ brain. Patients have the following symptoms: 
severe headaches, fever, trouble breathing, nausea/dizziness, Cerebro-Vascular Accident/stroke and broken blood vessels all over the body which leads to internal bleedings until the patients are dead. 

The third virus named Mamina attacks the liver. The liver functions abnormally. The patients have blisters on their body and the wounds become chronic. They have high fever. Finally, the patients die because they cannot bear with the pains.

The fourth virus named Vaiderus. This type of virus has effect on the blood. The symptoms include varicose vessels and burst, amnesia, swollen head, bruises all over the body due to broken capillaries and swollen body. Finally, the internal system of the body stops functioning and the patients die.

The fifth virus named Tarina attacks the bones. The patients have ostalgia (bone pains). Heat in the bones cause severe pains, high blood pressure and severe bleeding

(inscribed on the Sammāsambuddha Phra Sakkayamuni altar on the 1st of October 2001)

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